Precision Engineers to the Vacuum Scientific and Electronics Industries

Forward Precision Engineering

Here at FPE we offer a “Quick – Turnaround” service for those “Can’t wait situations” including out of business hours responses if required. We are happy to work from full CAD Drawings to sketches, samples – reverse engineering or consultations between yourselves and our engineers.

precision Engineering

Our extensive range of production equipment allows us to meet the most demanding and complex customer requests

precision Engineering

All orders are checked against Drawing Issue Levels, Prices & delivery dates agreed, and are acknowledged by fax or email

precision Engineering

FPE pride ourselves on the quality of components we produce, fully utilising our inspection facilities, calibrated measuring equipment.

FPE has a fully equipped machine shop with modern well maintained 2 & 3 axis CNC milling machines and various size & type Lathes to accommodate from as small as 1mm up to 400mm in dia using the latest digital readout measuring systems.

Type of materials machined are:

Steels : Stainless steels - Aluminium - Titanium - Tantalum - Copper - Brass - Alloys & many more.

Plastics : PTFE - Tufnol - PDVF - Nylon - Perspex - Acetal - Ertylte & many more.

Ceramic : Boron Nitride - Macor & any “Machinable Ceramics

“Forward have, on numerous, occasion helped with production critical repairs, they have  always responded quickly and provided us with a very high quality finish, and in very short time-scales..”
- Elster Metering Systems

Precision Engineers to the Vacuum Scientific and Electronics Industries specialise in the manufacture of high quality precision machined components

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Forward Precision Engineering
Forward Precision Engineering
Unit 1 Pitt Street West
Staffordshire ST6 3JW

Phone: 01782 577628
Fax: 01782 838812

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